Recycling Solutions

Shredder Solutions

Recycling of 1200 liter IBCs

  • Rapid Raptor FlexiPUSH (pneumatic pusher system).
  • Top pusher to compress the containers for efficient granulation and higher output/capacity.
  • "Pallet turner" for automatic feeding.


Machines in the example:
Rapid Raptor 1350 FlexiPUSH.
Top pusher and pallet turner.

Raptor Fp Tp 5629
Rapid Raptor Pp 4144

Grinding of waste from carpet manufacturing 

  • Rapid Raptor 1350 PowerPUSH (hydraulic feed). 
  • Pallet turner for efficient feeding to shredder. 
  • Conveyor belt with metal detector between shredder and granulator. 
  • Open-Hearted Rapid 600 series granulator for granulation of shreds from Raptor 1350. 
  • Material Transport system for automated evacuation and collection of regrind. 
  • Dust separation system.  


Machines in the example: 
Rapid Raptor PowerPUSH. 
Rapid 600-90 Open-Hearted granulator. 

Recycling of thick-walled products

  • Recycling of solid nylon waste.
  • Rapid Raptor 800 FlexiPUSH.
  • Rapid 300 series granulator.
  • Conveyor belt between Shredder and Granulator.
  • DS-50 for dust separation of regrind.


Machines in the example:
Rapid Raptor 800 FlexiPUSH.
Rapid Open-Hearted 300-30 granulator.