Raptor FlexiPUSH

Raptor FlexiPUSH shredders are designed for all types of thermoplastics, large 1200-liter IBC containers or lumps - everything is ground down efficiently. Rapid Raptor shredders come in 2 widths, 800 and 1350 mm. The standard version is equipped with FlexiPUSH (pneumatic pusher). The machine can also be equipped with a TopPUSH, a function that presses the material against the rotor to improve output capacity. It is specially developed for bulky products.

  • Recycles all types of thermoplastic.
  • Open-Hearted design.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Industry 4.0.
  • 3 rotor variants – film/foil, lump, bulky material.
  • QuadCUT™ – patented unique knife design.
  • Reversible screen – for longer life.
  • MCT – mineral composite filled base for reduced vibrations.
Raptor FlexiPUSH