Recycling Solutions

Injection Molding

In-Line Recycling

With a granulator located beside the injection molding machine, sprues and rejects can be added directly back into the process in a Closed Loop System - the predominant and most efficient way of injection molding today.

The benefits are many:

  • no double handling or storage of waste material for later granulation
  • no extra drying is needed
  • eliminates the risk of contamination of material.


Machines in this example:
Rapid 150 series in different designs with one granulator per machine.

Rapid 600 152838
Auto Collage

Central Granulation

Efficient and high-quality granulation of automotive parts with a Rapid 600-120 granulator. Various reject parts are recycled effectively to be added directly back to the production process.

  • Central granulation allows recycling of several and large components that cannot be done next to the production machine.
  • Granulator infeed hopper can be adapted to effectively guide different shaped and sized products into the granulator.
  • Conveyor Belt with tunnel metal detector to ensure that no metal parts reach the granulator and/or the production process.
  • Dedicated regrind evacuation systems for different types of materials.
  • Dust filter systems that work with negative pressure to remove dust and fine particles from the granulate.
  • Filters (BIA class M) that purify vent/exhaust air for a significantly better working environment.


Machines in this example:
Rapid 600-120 with side feed.
Special conveyor belt with metal detector.