Recycling Solutions


Thermoforming– Low Build Series

Rapid granulator 300-LBB.

  • Low-profile granulator, 300-90 LBB.
  • Integrated in-line recycling of skeletal waste.
  • Compact footprint.
  • Efficient sound enclosure.


Machine in the example:
Rapid 300-90 LBB with noise enclosure.

ThermoPRO in-line

Rapid ThermoPRO 120.

  • Stand-alone loop control.
  • In-line recycling of start-up waste sheet with unpunched products up to 200 mm and punched skeletal waste.
  • Open-Hearted with full access to the cutterhouse, knives and screen.


Machine in this example:
Rapid ThermoPRO with stand-alone loop control.

600 granulator for skeletal waste in rolls

Rapid 600 granulator for high-capacity recycling of rolls and reject parts.

  • 600-150 granulator.
  • Belt conveyor input with efficient metal detection.
  • Pallet turner.


Machine in the example:
Rapid 600-150, belt conveyor with tunnel-type metal detector.