Recycling Solutions

Film/Edge trim

In-line Granulation of Edge-Trims

Rapid 200 granulator fitted with a roll feeder to recycle edge-trims in-line and add the granules directly back to the extrusion line - automatically and efficiently.

  • No risk of the edge-trims ending up on the floor.
  • Compact machine with small footprint.
  • Roll-feeder speed can be easily adjusted with a knob on the panel to match the extrusion line speeds.
  • Quick & easy feeding of edge-trim to the granulator.


Machines in this example:
Rapid 200-36 with roll-feeder.

Rapid 400 60 Film

Grinding of Stretch Film and Edge-Trims

A Rapid 400 series takes care of both edge-trim waste and defective film/sheet in rolls with the granules added directly back to the extrusion line.

  • Multiple feed of film.
  • Entire rollers are mounted on racks and the film is fed in with a roll-feeder.
  • Edge-trims are blown directly to the granulator through a pipe system that is connected to the top of the granulator.


Machines in this example:
Rapid 400 series, adapted with special combi-feed – roller feed from the front and air feed from the top.